Visiting Us

The Special Collections are open weekdays by appointment and are located within the Academy Library at the UNSW Canberra campus.

Today's Hours 

ADFA is located at Campbell at the top of the hill which is behind the Department of Defence. It is on a large campus adjoining the Duntroon Military College and can be found on the Google map.

UNSW Canberra Campus Map

There are 2 entrances to the campus, one is off Morshead Drive which takes you through the Military College at Duntroon before arriving at ADFA, and the other is off Northcott Drive which brings you straight to ADFA. It is easiest to take the entrance off Northcott Drive. The Library is Building 13. Free parking is located at carparks 90 or 91. Please note it may be difficult finding a vacant car park between 9.30am – 3pm in term time or when conferences are on.

If you have a disabled parking badge you may park in the disabled parks at the bottom of car-park 91 (nearest the library). There is an additional disabled park directly behind the library in the loading bay. The road leading to the loading bay from carpark 91 has road signs ‘no access permitted’, but if you have a disabled badge you can ignore these and drive down. Please park in the designated space only. If the space is already taken you will need to turn around and exit. Please do not park anywhere else in the loading area except the designated space otherwise the library delivery vehicles and rubbish collection vans will not be able to enter and turn.

Alternatively, a taxi will drop you at ADFA outside the Officers mess (Building 6) which is a 2-minute walk to the library. The library can call a taxi for you and the pickup point is also outside the Officers Mess. Be sure to tell the Taxi you want to go to ADFA, not the Military College at Duntroon.

The Academy Library is next to the café in the centre of the campus, if you get lost military personnel or security on campus will be able to direct you.

The UNSW Canberra is on Defence owned land and buildings and is a military base. All UNSW and Defence staff are to have relevant identification on them at all times. If visitors to the Library get stopped by security please say you are here to visit Special Collections and give the extension x88116 (Library Service desk) and the name of the person you are visiting.

When you arrive at the Library please make yourself known to staff at the front desk.